Do you need a hand with accounting compliance or need business advise?

  • Compilation of financial statements and income tax returns

  • Preparation of GST, PAYE & FBT returns

  • Budgeting and cash-flow forecast

  • Structuring your business affairs

  • Company formation & tax registrations

  • Accounting outsourcing, including management of accounts receivable and payable.

  • Xero set up and training

  • Maintenance of companies office records

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Are you a residential or commercial landlord or tenant who needs some tax advice on land transaction?

Our team has around 10 years of experience advising residential and commercial landlords and tenant on tax issues. Our property tax services include:   

  • Review your property portfolio to ensure it's well structured, in line with your financial goals and take into account current market conditions.

  • Advise on restructure and refinance property loans for best advantages where needed.

  • Tax advice on land transactions including bright line test, ring fencing of tax losses, residential land withholding tax, GST zero-rated land transactions & depreciation clawback on sales of residential properties.

  • Tax advice on the most tax-efficient ownership structure and investment strategies.

  • Ensure all eligible tax deductions are claimed

  • Develop strategies to grow net wealth and transfer assets to the next generation in the most tax efficient manner.

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