".... most people lack real business knowledge, like accounting, like debt, like taxes, you got to know that stuff, but they don’t teach you at school, to anybody….”  (Robert Kiyoskaki (Author of Rich dad poor dad))

We believe accounting and tax knowledge are essential life skills for everyone. That's why this is the first building block to our unique wealth model. 


We create affordable & easy to understand tax and accounting webinars so you can learn and start to think like an insider. In our first series, we will develop webinars on tax compliance for income tax, GST, PAYE and fringe benefit tax (FBT). The goal is for you to learn the tax & accounting basics and think like an "insider".  

Our Teaching Experience

Our tax team has been offering tax courses to adults since 2013 year. We have lectured tax at Universities in Auckland and founded Tax Tutoring in 2013 year to offer tax courses to University students. You can find feedback (under photos) from the tax tutorials here 



Training Content


Our webinars go through practical work examples & explain technical issues in simple terms. Some webinars also go through the return preparation process step by step and provide template workpaper where relevant. Our webinars operate on a one charge per purchase basis (rather than attendee) which makes learning more cost effective than ever! The webinars are self paced and can be viewed whenever suits you.

Our Approach

Our process is set out in the diagram below. We recommend self-prepared returns be reviewed by a Chartered Accountant before submission to the Inland Revenue as tax rules may change year by year. We can assist with reviewing your tax return. You can book here 







Benefits to our approach are set out below.

  • Provide only value added work as each taxpayer has different experience and knowledge

  • Reduce significant accounting & tax fees in current and subsequent years

  • Improve taxpayers' existing knowledge on tax and accounting

  • Reduce hassle and time spent to collate and send information to accountants 

Disclaimer: Please note the content of the webinars is based on the tax law at the time when the webinar was recorded. 

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