Connie is a hard working and knowledgeable professional. Over the months that I've known Connie, she has demonstrated attention to detail and a commitment to getting the job done for her clients. She is well versed in New Zealand tax laws and has helped me by providing professional advice re New Zealand taxes and preparing GST returns.

Andrew L (Business Owner), Auckland, May 2020

I’ve known Connie for several years and she was responsible for providing tax advice and services for my small business. Her services have been thorough and informative. Her experience with tax returns has been warranted and we are grateful for her efficiency with the previous years' tax returns.

Shereena N (Business Owner), Auckland, May 2020

The thoughts of doing my tax always gave me a headache. It was time consuming, and I did not know where to start and what information to provide. It had been a nightmare until I received Connie’s service. She is friendly, professional, experienced and most importantly her teaching is easy to understand! The templates Connie provided is also user friendly. I have finished sorting out my tax this year using less than half the time I used to spend. I will definitely recommend Connie.

Jun C (Residential property investor), May 2020

Connie and her team is fabulous!!! They have good attention to details, dedicated & provided good tax & property consulting services and advice to resolve my concerns. They also followed up on matters and met our needs. We appreciate their spirit and professionalism for acting in our best interest. We have full trust in them. 

Lisa L (Commercial property investor) Auckland, May 2020

I am always the do-it-myself type. I mean if I can understand it and do it correctly, why would I spend hundreds of dollars annually on an accountant to file my tax. Connie’s service and teaching fits this purpose 100%. Clear, spot on and easy to follow. Anyone who would like a cost effective solution to your tax works and obtain knowledge about tax should try this.

Jo (Residential property investor), Auckland, May 2020

For the contractor's income tax return preparation webinar, I'd rate it 4 out of 5 stars. The content was detailed and I like how it went through a practical expample. I found it very informative and would recommend it to others.

Anonymous viewer,

July 2020

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