In our first series, we will develop videos on tax compliance for income tax, GST, PAYE and fringe benefit tax (FBT). They will be released over time so if you'd like us to keep you posted, please subscribe to our site (below).


Our courses are designed with the taxpayer’s best interest in mind so you don’t pay more tax than you legally have to. Cause when it comes to tax, it's definitely the more you know the less you pay!

Our training video includes

  • High level coverage of basic tax law concepts and illustrations of relevant case law

  • Step by step New Zealand tax return preparation process, from exporting bank statement, preparing workpaper and entering information in the electronic forms in your myIR account.

  • Copy of the workpaper and template (as needed)

  • Go through tax return preparation process with a worked example along with a copy of template workpaper

  • Unlimited access to forum page on facebook where you can post questions after the training course.

  • Approx. 1.5 hour on demand video

We recommend the self-prepared tax return be reviewed by a Chartered Accountant before it is submitted to the Inland Revenue as tax rules may change year to year. We are happy to assist where needed.

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